An Intuitive Audio Analyzer.

Audio analyzer helps you to understand the living environment better by enabling environmental noises through spectrogram and DB analysis

An Intuitive Audio Analyzer.

Record, Remix, Listen, Enjoy.

Record, Map, Remix high-quality audio sounds using Mapmysound 100% free audio recorder application. One app, thousands of audios from your local library. Listen to the latest audios now.

Record, Remix, Listen, Enjoy.


Spread your soundscapes to the world using interactive MAP. The map allows you to access the soundscapes from different locations of the world.


Sound Recording App Made Simple

Professional Quality
Professional Quality

The audio recorder, editor & mixer app is totally free to use and offers professional quality recording.

Awesome Design
Awesome Design

Sound recorder app designed for a simple interface and awesome experience.

Easy to use
Easy to use

Record your moment in a more creative and easy way with our free sound recorder app.

About our app

Mapmysound audio recorder, editor & mixer app enables and encourages individuals to record, edit, append, mix and map their soundscapes. Mapmysound provides you a sonic and visual experience of different environments without being physically present at the location. It is a social hub for researchers and nature lovers which allows them to produce, share, analyze and contribute their environmental soundscapes.

Take a Look Around our Sound Recorder App:

1. Record: Mapmysound audio recorder app allows you to record, playback and document the soundscapes you are experiencing. You can create soundscape database recording not only static but also animated sounds map of environment soundscape with enhanced information on whether conditional data such as humidity, temp and wind, etc.

2. Analyze: Analyze the recorded soundscapes with the help of DB analysis or Spectrogram in animation parameter of sound with respect to a temporal aspect. Our sound recorder application allows the user to edit or mix the recorded files.

3. Share: Sound mapping app allows users to spread their soundscapes to the world. Each soundscape is marked with a clickable mark which when clicked displays a selection of the participant’s responses as well as some of the objective measures.

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How does MapMySound free audio recorder app work ?

MapMySound Audio Recorder app allows you to record your favorite audio directly from your phone. Mapmysound strive to give customer convenient tools that easier their workflow and keep things in one easy to access place. Sound Mapping technology is one core feature of MapMySound recorder and audio editor app that helps to analyze audio files by showing their Spectrogram. Looking for a free audio recorder, audio editor, audio mixer or sound spectrogram app? Try the Mapmysound sound recorder now! Here’s how it works, step by step:

Mapmysound audio recorder app
Open the App and Login first
Open the App and Login first

Log into Sound Recorder app to explore audios.

Start recording, mix or append audio
Start recording, mix or append audio

Our free audio recorder app supports editing and mixing the audios.


Spread your soundscapes throughout the world using interactive MAP. The sound mapping feature allows you to access the soundscapes from different locations of the world.

Mix & listen to audios
Mix & listen to audios

You can listen to your own voice recordings or audio from others.

Awesome features of our audio recorder app

Some of us not just love to listen to music but also enjoy customizing it. See what’s included in our audio editor, audio mixer, sound mapping, sound spectrogram, and audio recorder app.


It’s easy to find the audios you’re looking for with rich search results.


Categorize into different topics.

social share

Share your audios with friends, groups and social networks through the app.


Calculates the distance of the sound pathway and DB Analysis.


Save your favorite audio to list, so that you can easily access them later.


Add your comments about the audio.

Sound recorder app screenshots


download free audio editor app

Click on the "SignUp" button from home screen. You will be redirected to Sign Up screen to fill up your details i.e. User Name, Email Address, Password, Confirm Password, Country Code, Mobile Number. Finally click the "SignUp" button to receive the OTP (One-Time Password) on given mobile number to verify your phone number.

You can log in using either your Facebook account or e-mail id. If you already have a Facebook account, you can directly login to the app using your Facebook account, or alternatively, you will need to log in using your MapMySound registered email id.

Click on “Forget Password” from the home screen. Enter your email address you’ve used to register your MapMySound account and click “Submit”. Check your email after you submit the details. You will receive a new password to log in to the app.

MapMySound is a free mobile application that allows you to record, edit, remix, append audios using a mobile phone. You can view the sound mapping details of audio recorded by you or others and its representation on spectrogram to find out the actual quality of audio files. Download the application now to make audio recording simple!

Mapmysound voice recorder app

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